in our performance of metamorphosis we have had to edit the script significantly so it plays to there strengths we have had to change it because the limitations to the number of casts there are seven roles including Mr and Mrs s and there are three lodgers as well as Greta and Gregor and there […]

She should have died hereafter; she shouldn’t have died at that time. Macbeth mindset is deteriorating because his wife has just died Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player That struts and frets his hour upon the stage without meaning there is also not long left to live also his life is full of […]

my character is  the first lodger age 26  the lodger is  pictured as being able to with stand his strength and is also demanding at times in the play and his characteristics are that he is trying to help the family. i am intending  to play my character quite physical at all time and my […]

Macbeth says that she should have died hear after meaning she shouldn’t have did at that specific moment also  the paragraph fits in to act 5 scean  5

Macbeth state of mind is deteriorating and he wants to kill king Duncan who is his friend which makes him feel conflicted. He also trying to please his wife who wants him to kill Duncan and she wants him to kill Duncan due she wants a higher status  back in  the day women never use […]

in to the air and what seemed corporal melted as breath in to the wind would they had stayed and Macbeth is with the three witches and banquet Macbeth minds is starting to deteriorating and he is starting to have doughts about what he sees.   this super natural soliciting can not be ill if […]

In the following scean malcon tells Duncan the old thane of Cawdor confessed and repented before being exercuted Duncan says that you can always trustable man by his outward show macbeath banquo Ross and Angus enter Duncan says that even the gift cawdor is not as much as macbeath.    

Dark, windy, cold and wet the weather is attacking my face. The odd person hurries by on their way home. The noises of the cars as the speed pass razzle my senses. I just need my cab to come so that I can get home. Waiting, like eternity, waiting, waiting, waiting. Then out of the […]

The social , historical and cultural background of the stimulus? Does it have a defined background? The  stimulus is the Aysar Ky and refugees for the start of this production theme Ideas for the play: The play will be set in the countryside where i am setting it because there are a lot of places […]

Item 2 – The situation in this monologue was based on the original play with 2 other cast members.  I was only 8 years old when the play was done, in this monologue I was now 18 years old and ten years had past. I decided to make it 10 years later to show the […]